Bourbon Barrel

Furniture and more

for the home and garden

Authentic Refurbished Bourbon Barrels for rain collection, Planters, Coolers, Tables, Display Cabinets, and more for indoor or outdoor use!  Each wine and Bourbon Barrel is directly sourced from each distillery in the heart of Bourbon Country in Kentucky, USA.

Home and Garden Barrels is a family-owned business.  Each item is handmade so please give us time to complete you order.

*** As of May 2022, I have a lead time of about 1 month.  I try to keep this up to date as much as possible, but If you want to know what the current lead time is, please email Mike at [email protected] for an estimate.  Thank you! ***


Upcoming Event

Summer Beer Fest at Fraizer

August 6th, 2022 from 5-8pm

Featured ProduCT

The newest version of our cooler is ready for production.  We utilized the lid of the barrel to be the lid of the cooler.  A galvanized metal liner keeps it water tight.  Product can be used inside or outside due to exterior hardware and finish.

It’s always rewarding to see a customer’s face light up when they come to pick up items from their orders!

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8200 Stout Road

Louisville, KY
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Monday – Saturday