Barrel Cabinet with Cooler


Authentic Bourbon Barrel converted to a cabinet with a cooler on top.  Can be indoor or outdoor ready.


This item merges 2 popular items into one!  We’ve taken our double door cabinet and cooler and combined them so they are ready for either indoor* or outdoor use**.  The top lid is removed and hinged to have access to the cooler.  A galvanized/brass drain pipe coming out the backside of the barrel (approximately the 2 o’clock position) allows for easy drainage.  The metal liner is galvanized so it won’t rust.  The hole in the bucket as a rubber washer and silicone to ensure it stays water tight.  The double doors open to give storage underneath the cooler.  A lock is placed on it to keep the contents hidden away when not in use.  Heavy duty casters can be placed on the bottom to make it easy to move.  The lid can be customized if you’d like.  This will be a minimum of $50 extra depending on the design you want to do.  Please email us before ordering to get pricing ([email protected]).

Dimensions – approximately 26 x 26 x 37

*Barrel cabinet with cooler prepped for indoor use – interior finish, interior hardware, and minimal gap above/below the door (about 1/16 of an inch)

**Barrel cabinet with cooler prepped for outdoor use – exterior finish, exterior hardware, and slightly larger gap above/below the door to allow room for wood to expand in high humidity to make sure the door can still close with ease.

Additional information

Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 36 × 27 in