Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Cooler 2.0


Authentic bourbon barrel cut in half to be a cooler that utilizes the lid with the distillery stamp as the lid.  We are currently not offering shipping on this item.


This cooler was born when material for the lid on the original barrel cooler became nearly impossible to find during COVID, and when it was available, the price skyrocketed 350% from 9 months ago.  I was forced to change the design to continue offering a barrel cooler.  This cooler utilizes the lid of the barrel as the lid to the cooler.  It stands about 31 inches tall.  Stave legs are bolted in place to make them very strong and sturdy.  The metal liner is galvanized and the piping that drains the barrel is galvanized as well.  The spigot is made from brass.  Hinge for the lid is bolted in place so the hinge can hold the weight of the lid when it is fully open.  Cooler comes in 3 color options: no stain with exterior polyurethane, dark walnut with exterior polyurethane finish, and chestnut stain with exterior polyurethane finish.  This cooler is also insulated with spray foam.  The lid can also be customized if you’d like for a minimum of $50.  Before placing your order for a custom top, please email me at to get a quote on the price.

We are currently not offering shipping on this item.

Additional information

Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 20 in